Adding a drawing without extending exposure.

When I add a new drawing (select the frame and draw) to a Drawing Layer after a gap of empty frames, Animate automatically connects the space between the new drawing and the previous one.

Say drawing no. 1 is on frame 10, then from frame 11 to 20 there is nothing. If I add drawing no. 2 on frame 21, Animate will extend the exposure of no. 1.

Can I avoid this?

thank you,

Right click on the frame in the timeline view, after your first drawing and go - create empty drawing (or something similar) then draw your next image and the inbetweens will be blank.


Thank you Brodie!! :slight_smile:


Similar question… when I add a drawing with the Library tool to a Layer after a number of empty frames, Animate connects this drawing to the previous one by filling them in.
How can I tell it to please just add the drawing from there and not retrospectively?


Note: I love Animate but I find it really really hectic for some things.
Lots of little fidgety things to remember, very ugly UI.
Very accident prone, too… I just by mistake moved some pieces of a character without clicking the ‘animate’ button (yeah, one can forget to click on a button) and it put everything out of whack in the entire film and it is IMPOSSIBLE to make heads or tails of it anymore :frowning:

I like it but it helps me as much as frustrates me.


I’m not at the computer right now so I can’t check to see if this will work; but if you go to the frame you want to place the drawing from the library and right click and go add keyframe(shortcut should be F6) then add the drawing it should add the drawing without filling the previous images in.

Yeah I’ve been using animate for only a couple weeks now but once I’ve started to get a grip of the way it works, I’d have to say I’m loving it more and more.


Hi Brodie

I tried the F6 but no, it still fills in the previous frames.
Hmm… I know I did this once but I can’t remember the sequence of commands. I’ll go through the manual once again :slight_smile:
If I find it I’ll post the answer here.


When you say the Library tool, what exactly do you mean? Dragging in a Symbol or file from the Animate Pro Library? Just curious because I’ve just tried bringing in an image from the Library and I haven’t had any issues with it filling frames.


By Library Tool I mean the little handle you drag on the Library to select the drawing.

If you drag and drop from the library onto the timeline, and hold down Ctrl before releasing the mouse, it brings up your Paste Special options. Uncheck the “Extend Exposure” option and it will not fill in the frames between.

When you adjust these drag options, those options stay that way until the next time that you adjust them.