add ruler lines

This is something i really like in spriter where you can pull down into the scene custom ruler lines that can help quite often for example maintaining the animating of a character on a straight line. Normally i have to manually draw the lines in a new layer or use the grid as onionskinning can get messy so i think adding some quick rulers that can be dragged in and out would be a great addition to the software

Yes Guidelines and Ruler Lines along with Snap To functionality would be useful.

Definitely. Every single other piece of design software (and most animation software) I use offers guides, and returning to TB I always have to get used to the fact that guides are missing.

It is a bit of an odd omission.

Yeah, i made a large use of them in flash, really miss guidelines. Please add!

Thanks for the suggestion everyone.
It’s a good one indeed.


Yeah I agree, ruler guides in the next version would be super helpful.

I agree.

Ruler and guidelines would be a very important addition to the next version of Harmony. Vital for accurate positioning of complicated artwork. Every other software has that facility.

Without a ruler/guidelines facility, Toon Boom is letting itself down. I am amazed that Toon Boom have not realised that years ago!

Thanks for the suggestion everyone.

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Thanks for the suggestion everyone.



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