Add Re-Map Lip-Sync Element button on Sound Editor

I am just getting to grips with the Lip-Sync features on TBS but I have been confused at times.

When I eventually found that you could change the lip-sync graphics right from the Sound Element Editor I started to make great progress (I found this in the tutorials section “Quickly create a greeting card” and had totally missed it in the user manual).

One thing still confused me though. Just as I had carefully scrubbed along the waveform, and changed the lip-sync graphics to suit I kept hitting the “Lip-Sync button” - wrong action!
For some reason I did this several times not realizing my mistake. What I wanted to do was to “re map” the new modified lip-sync sheet with my own drawn graphic elements. Boy was I frustrated.

What would be nice is to have some means to “re-map” graphics from the Sound Editor.

I was in Scene View, right-clicked the sound layer and selected ‘Edit Sound’. I made changes then had to come out of the editor, view the Element Sheet, right-click on sound element, then modify lip-sync mapping. It is a long procedure.
I’d rather edit the sound then hit a re-map button and close the sound editor - much simpler.

Any chance for V4?

I agree with these comments. There could indeed be some workflow improvements achieved, with a little re-organizing of the lip sync and sound edit interface.