add points to shape?

i’m exploring the animate demo before i purchase. really liking the application (almost certainly gonna purchase), but there is an important function that i am used to in flash, which i am hoping has an equivalent function in animate…

in flash, after i draw a brush stroke or shape, i like to add additional vector points to its edges by holding the option key (mac) and dragging the edge, which effectively makes a new point. this way i can sculpt more complex shapes and forms out of primitive shapes and single strokes or blobs, when the workflow suits this, or just create additional contours in a face, etc.

is there something like this in animate? here’s an example: i’d like to draw a square, and then add a point to the top edge so i can turn it into a pentagon. my shapes are usually more “organic” than this example, but it’s what i’m hoping to be able to accomplish in animate so i don’t have to create the artwork in flash first.

i apologize if there is already a thread on this, i was unable to locate anything via my search terms.



You should be able to add points to vector shape with the Contour Editor tool. The shortcuts to add/remove/manipulate bezier and points should be very similar to Flash, simply make sure you have that tool selected and you should be good to go.

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make sure you have the contour editing tool selected. hold down the
cmd key on mac or cntrl key on windows that will add a new vector
point to your line/shape.

wee! that’s working, thank you, both of you. just so i know, is this in the manual or otherwise somewhere that i should have been able to find it on my own?


You should get this information in the Getting Started manual as well as the video tutorials available through the following link:

For Animate:

For Animate Pro:

Get use the Download link for the Tutorials to access the video and the Sample Material link to get the scenes to follow the instructions.

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