Add more tool "modes" that keep guides available

I’d like to be able to keep using the drawing guide system when using the contour editor (and maybe some other tools.)

I appreciate the stated intention of avoiding cluttering the workspace and thus only a small handful of tools will expose the guides, but please consider adding a toggle to the (advanced?) preferences to keep the guides visible / snappable with some other tools (most importantly, contour editor!)

very pleased to have the guide system anyway, very useful and well executed.

I agree.

Having the guide available with the contour editor would make the whole feature ways more useful.
This being said, it also would help a lot if one could benefit of that feature when animating pegs using the transform tool.

Thank you for the feedback! We will add it to our suggestion bucket.

As I have seen so far, the drawing tools work very well with the Alignment Guides.
The different snap options are very handy.

Thank you so much Toon Boom team.

This makes Harmony a ways more precise tool!!!

(Only the freshly enhanced “Contour Editor” doesn’t snap to the alignment guides yet. But, I guess that this is just a matter of time.)