Add Keyframe.. button or shortcut

In storyboard Pro 2sp2 is there any button or way to add a shortcut to’ add keyframe at beginning of panel/end of panel’?

I end up using both of these a lot and the menu/right clicking in timeline take too long.

Hi chrissy
Just answered this question in another thread:;action=display;threadid=855

Hope you manage.

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Thanks for the try Ivar, but unfortunately that only moves the layer first and last.

I want to create a keyframe for the camera and unless it’s named something strange- I don’t see it in the preferences menu.

So I’m still looking for a solution if anyone has it.

Hi again

With camera selected, in the Tool Properties window there are three buttons adding keyframes to the camera.
First frame, Current frame and Last frame.

I have not seen any short cuts for those.