"Add Frames at Start" command disrupts entire project


I needed to add some extra space for a fade-in from black, so I tried the ‘Add Frames at Start’ command, thinking it would shift the rest of the film forward by the amount of specified frames, leaving it untouched.
Instead, on both occasions I did this (two different projects), it created serious damage to the film. Pegs out of place, artwork floating around, camera delirium, in short, a total disaster.
I then tried to add Keyframes down vertically to all the first frames, thinking maybe it needed them to keep stuff into place, but again, catastrophe.

The two projects are respectively in Animate2 and in AnimatePRO2, and the problem arises with both.

I followed the Guide, but did I maybe overlook something?

How do I achieve the basic goal of adding frames at the start of the film?

thank you,

Hi LillyI don’t know… to me it really created havoc.I will follow your suggestion and send Support a file which contains the problem.Thank youJosh

When I ran a test on this one it worked for me. Perhaps it would be best to send an email in to support@toonboom.com and then they might be able to solve your problem or set up an ftp so that you can upload your project so that they can take a look at it.