Add drop shadows to moving objects

How do I add drop shadows to a moving object?

Hi EscapeClause,

The first option you have is to create a layer on which you would draw a drop shadow and then add effect nodes on it such as the Shadow node.

The second option still involves the use of the Shadow node, but instead of drawing a drop shadow manually, you would use the Apply-Peg-Transformation node which’s right port would connect to the moving object -therefore creating a duplicate of that artwork- and bottom port connect to the Shadow node.
You could then connect a Peg or a Quadmap to the leftmost port of the Apply-Peg-Transformation node. Use this Peg or Quadmap to position the shadow properly in your scene and deform it if needed.
If you are using the Quadmap, be aware that you will need to click on the Show Control button, located in the Camera view toolbar, in order to see the Quadmap’s bounding bow and manipulate it.

Hope this helps,

That worked perfectly. Thanks really helpful!