Add camera...

Hello everyone, I apologize for my English.

I am a new user. In animate 2, I can only use one camera or many cameras?

Thanks and best regards.
Alfredo Boschini

As far as I know you can only have 1 camera layer.

In Animate 2 you can add many cameras in his scene with different settings, but you can choose only one of them for render the project. You can see only the selected camera in timeline and use these settings for view and render the scene.
However, you can render his scene many times, using one of these different settings each time you render, and then edit the scene in an editor software to make viewing the scene as filmed with multiple cameras
For insert aditional cameras go to + button, in the upper left side of timeline and click: camera, or in the Insert menú: camera. To choose the active camera go to menu Scene>Camera>the selected camera. Best Regards.


Hello and thank you all! :slight_smile: