Adam Philips' new book

I ordered the new Harmony Guide Book through the instuctors’ promotion. However, that was months ago and while several people I know have received their copies I haven’t gotten a response back to any of the multiple emails I’ve sent the publisher asking for an update. Has anyone spoken to them or had an issue getting their copy?


I bought the Kindle version of the book and read it mainly on my Surface Pro 3. I’m about a quarter of the way through and really like it. The writing style keeps me interested. I’ve always thought I knew the program very well, but even on the basic tools, the book is showing me things I’d never understood before.

As a doctor who also does teaching, one of the sayings we use is “you only diagnose what you know.” This proves true of Harmony: You only use the tools you know and soon ignore the stuff you don’t understand.

Harmony is an extremely “full” program and there are so many tools. This book is well worth the investment in time and money. Everyone should get it!

Very impressive! It should come with the program!

FWIW Amazon shows that it will not be in stock until October 19, 2014.

I just bought the Kindle edition off Amazon. Great read, good job Adam.

How are the visuals from this book when seen through a kindle?

His supplemental videoas are excellent.

I would like to see more Toon Boom videos from him.

The visuals are great. I have Kindle app on my Surface Pro and all looks nice.

I have a kindle touch but I have the kindle app on my computer. I did not think about that. I have now purchased the kindle version.

I just realized that chluaid is the same person and I have been aware of these TB videos:

it is mainly for the beginner and pre-v11.

But as a beginner, it helped me really a lot/ saved much time.
(The documentation and the tutorial videos are really not the most efficient way to get started in the best way/ avoid mistakes).

how is the book?

any new and advanced technique? rig? cut out? tra-digital?

something new that is not covered in the oficial tutorials?


oh wow, chluaid’s videos were essential when i was starting out. very, very helpful stuff. i’m much more interested in the book now!