Ad for my company LaughterCraft, created in Animate

Hey there everyone,

Back again to share a video I created promoting my Fiverr account LaughterCraft. I have been using Animate for the past two months primarily as an illustration program, as the means of delivering on requests for custom cartoons and illustrations.

Please view the video right here:

Any feedback is welcome!


WAs good and I hope you get some customers, however it would of been good to see some black and white ones since that is what you were selling right?

Thanks for the reply!

I’m selling my drawing services. Yes, the $5 gig is for a black and white image, but the vast majority of people I’ve already completed orders for want images in colour, so that was the focus of the video. I made every attempt to clearly illustrate the fact that it’s extra, and that has thus far translated well with the orders I’ve received.

I agree it was clear it was extra for colour :slight_smile:

I was just saying I found it strange

I believe fiverr is a good idea!

Good luck with that!


Five Dollars?? Wow!
…Well the whole thing was funny on its own…suits the purpose

…but here is something I thought of when I was watching the video.
When you say “ANYTHING” you could flash an “image” of something quite strange for instance; an image of NOTHING but with an arrow sign labelled something like “ATOM” and pointing towards the middle of the blank space.
Isn’t THAT a cool one from a “Newbie”!. Now give me five dollars! ;D