actually adding a stroke ?

Hi all
I was messing around with Animate and it seems there is no way that I can find of actually ‘adding’ a stroke if it has been deleted. The answer is not to delete and reduce the stroke to zero, but never the less, can it be done ?

In Contour tool, Control and left mouse click on the contour line will create a point (you will see [+] sign). If you just have deleted, you can undo to set roll back.

Thanks for the reply but it’s not what I was after really. I was looking for a solution like the ink bottle tool in Flash ?

If you are looking for tool to change or create an outline, you can use the select tool to select the outline only and select different color in colour palettes.

In general, when you create a shape to paint (fill), you need draw an outline to enclose the area. This applies the same when you draw a shape with Auto fill option on to fill the color automatically that whenever you draw a shape with this, it first creates outline with pencil line and then fill. This means that the outline is still separated from the fill. Note that if you have hard time to selete the outline, use select tool to select all and then SHIFT + left click of painted area to unselect. THis will make you easy to select the outline only.

Only thing it may not work is when you do not have outlines by either it has been deleted or removed by flatten (brush line) for example. And this might be a good feature request such as creating a pencil line from stroke.

Thanks for that Juho, the shift tip was handy. If I draw an outline I like, with no stroke ie Zero thickness, how can I change the stroke only without having to draw the whole outline again ? The flash ink bottle tool would do this. Thanks again.

In Animate, it always needs to have outline to paint (or fill). But in case you have deleted or flattened the brush, the outline will not be there anymore. If this is case, there is no tool to convert from stroke to the pencil line in Animate. Hopefully, it will be there in new version I guess.

Only way I have found out to create the out line is, first select the image without outline, then copy/paste on same drawing. Scale up the copied one a bit (use holding Shift to scale proportionally) and paint it with different color from original one. And put it behind and then flatten it. This case, you can separate the original one by unpaint it or select/shift + select trick to only select the outline.

Yeah thanks Juho, hopefully there will be an ink bottle in the new version, do you know anything about when it’s out and the details ? Thanks for your help on this. very much appreciated.

To be honest with you, I do not know much details for the details, but Toon Boom should announce it when it happens.

hi, some solution in harmony may be rightclick>Convert>Strokes To Pencil Lines


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