Active(selected) element over everything

When I select and work in some element it is over every other element including the elements above. Most of the time that’s what I want. But very often I need to paint in some layer and see what’s above it. Is there any way to do it except to make colors I’m working with transparent?

Hey Mravi,

Could you give an example or a screenshot? It would be easier to figure out exactly what you mean, as I’m not quite sure atm.

The way it sounds I think you just need to use the light table to see your other elements, but I may not be understanding your whole issue.

You can work in camera view for that specific instance where the selected item in drawing view would otherwise obscure another element. That is one of the only times I draw or paint in camera view otherwise I use drawing view. -JK

I work on two projects (classic cell animation on paper) and I’m pretty much at home with TB but some things are driving me crazy (like constant switching between screenplanning select and normal select).

Problem is (no matter if it’s drawing or camera view):

I have drawing in one element. I go to element under it to paint it with brush but when I’m in any element let’s say background, its contents (paint I add) is shown above everything so I cannot see the drawing unless I turn all the colors I’m using transparent. I’m hoping that there is some “show elements above” option or similar like “paint behind” in photoshop. In short I want the element I’m working in to be hidden by contents of all elements above. Besides, when I’m in light table mode I see everyrything even the elements where I checked “invisible” box. Is there any way to avoid that?