activation problem

it appears there is a limit to how many times i can activate toon boom with the code, my computer broke and had to be repaired several times forcing me to re-install and activate the software, and i just got my fixed computer back and i have run out of times to activate the program. i paid a good amount of money for this program and i can no longer use it because of this. help please?

Well, one can activate / deactivate the software as often as one likes,
allowing only one activation at a time.
The License Wizard might see your repaired computer as a new machine…
If you didn’t deactivate your license first, you’re not able to activate again.

Contact the Toon Boom Team to help you to deactivate your license.

I downloaded ToonBoom studio 8 Demo a few days ago.
Before I had a chance to evaluate the programme, I was called out of town to a family emergency. When I returned, the test period was complete. Is there any chance of me downloading the programme
Thank You

Not really since you cannot use the same trial twice on the same system but contact support and explain your situation, they will provide you with a temporary license and link for the software.