Activation Issues

Hi, I can’t seem to activate my Storyboard Pro after reinstalling it. It says I don’t have a product, even though it says I do.

If someone were to help me re-activate it, that would be lovely.


To see if the license is already on your computer,
open the License Wizard from the License Tools folder
of the program using the options:
Manage Licenses
Manage Local License
if you see the license listed, it is installed.

Contact support if you’re stuck.

It doesn’t say I have anything installed, how do I install the license?

For a subscription license it is done by entering your
account email address and password in the license
wizard that appears after launching the program.

I already tried that, and it says I don’t have any license for Storyboard Pro in my account. Idk if this has to do with me having a Desktop Subscription or anything like that, because on my account page it says I don’t have a Software License, but I do have a Desktop Subscription.

Your license was last activated on January 8th,
maybe on your other computer?

If you need assistance please contact support.