'activation' for toon boom 5?

just been reading the activation for toon boom 5 i require it to be installed and RUNNING on a workstaion and laptop…so will you activate it for both or do i revert back to toon boom 4.5?
…and so seek a refund on the update to toon boom 5 as i have yet to use it.[not created xml code or send off as code as yet…need to clarify if toon boom 5 will be usbale on more than 1 pc or if there’s an export import licence feature etc.

i was not aware of this when i bought it and was a MAJOR factor in my desicsion NOT to buy toon boom animate.

‘if’ it’s STUCK on 1 pc then say it’s on my quadcore workstation, what about if i want to go on site and say do some work…can’t use my laptop as tb5 is nailed to my office quadcore tower…

out n about wanting to say do some stop motion work outside with a camera, laptop and toon boom5?..naahh sorry your toon boom 5 is stuck indoors.

can we get someone from toon boom to clear this up?

can we get activated on more than 1 pc?
what happens if a pc dies…do we lose toon boom 5 along with it?

one obvious question i also need to ask is toon boom 4.5 scenes and toon boom 5 scenes totally interchangable

can i create in 5 and open and edit in 4.5?

this could be some sort of workaround for the overtly restrictive new licencing on toon boom 5 ‘if’ it does not allow for dual installs or transfers of licences from 1 pc to another.

having just read this…

looks like toon boom 5 is firmly stuck on 1 pc :’(

if i activate it on my desktop i get 24" monitor 8 gig ram…but it’s STUCK in my house…would be simply useless for stop motion as i’d be setting that up at another location…

if i activate it on my tablet pc…it’s mobile but stuck with a 12.1 screen and 2gig ram…okay for out the house freelance work but far from ideal

in the FAQ it says you can remove the app and install it elsewhere but how long will that take??..a day…two days…waiting for emails right now from toon boom on this subject…no answer so far…doesn’t boade well eh?

my zbrush allows for dual installs
my 3dsmax allows for at home and at work installs
my lightwave has a usb dongle so i can install it anywhere anytime
toon boom 4.5 was via serial numbers so no hassle

toon boom 5…we need a bit of freedom dual installs would really help.

I have to agree 100%. This change radically alters my workflow. If I can’t seamlessly move between my macbookpro and workstation, my productivity is severely degraded.

I am forced to continue to use 4.5 until this is resolved.

Before you allow this discussion to get too far out of control, the standard software license interpretation of “one computer at a time” is identical to the interpretation of using a book. You can buy a book and more than one person can read the same copy but it is only read by one person at any given instant in time.

This is true for single user software. You can have a copy installed on multiple computers but you are only allowed to legally use one instance of that software at a time. Meaning that if you have one copy on multiple machines and you have multiple people using that copy simultaneously you are not legally abiding by the license agreement. But as a single user you can use that software on your Desktop PC or you can switch and use it on your Laptop PC because you are only using that single copy one instance at a time. You are not prohibited to have multiple installations at the same time but you are only licensed to use them one at a time. I hope this will ease your concerns and let you get back to thinking about doing something creative with your new software. -JK

we’re still far from clear on this

i ‘GET’ the idea of only 1 person using it at a time totally.that’s exactly like the 3dsmax, zbrush and painter and old toon boom4.5 allowed for.

toom boom 5 ‘appears’ to allow for this but places a stumbling block of deactivation and reactivation so slowing any operation down to businesss hours in the week over in the usa/canada if they are on the ball and return a code swiftly…in practice i think this will be extreemly annoying so much so i believe it’s just not worth having toon boom 5 at all espacially being over in the u.k.

however…in your rather misty reply you could also take the reply as to say it’s okay…yes you can install it on 2 pc’s and get 2 activation codes but please abide by the rules and only the person that owns the software should be using it at any 1 time and NOT both st the ssame time…i’m totally cool with that…so it that how it will be or not?

this it just like 3dcoat…and they can monitor your usage of the licence via the net and if they find BOTH running at the same time they deactivate both and send you a rather stiff warning email and they want a good explanation to get them to turn it back on…

this is how to solve this, just run it like 3dcoat does their software above.

I don’t get it. Is V5 out yet. Because I pre-ordered mine in May, and have been checking my e-mail everyday, and haven’t seen it yet. Anyone know whats up?

Ugo, if your monitoring this. who shall I e-mail to possibly get my TB 5 this weekend?

@ Mr. Fitz

Login to “My Account”. There you can find the download of TBS 5 and your serialnumber.


STILL waiting for a reply from a TOON BOOM support on this subject.

that sounds good, i’d still need to hear that from toon boom istelf before i either activate toon boom 5 or ask for a refund though.

that sounds good, i’d still need to hear that from toon boom istelf before i either activate toon boom 5 or ask for a refund though.

It works fine. I also use my laptop predominantly, but tested this on my home computer without any problems.

TBS5 is great!