Activation error

Download a test version of toon boom harmony and I can not activate it says that it looks if it is a problem with the internet connection but the connection is fine I wanted to see if there is any breast that can help me

Can you post the exact wording of the error message?

You can perhaps try temporarily disabling the firewall
if the connection is being blocked by security settings
which is likely since you were able to download the
installer for the programs.

This is the first message that appears

No valid license is found for this application.
The license activation attendance will start automatically

This is the other message that appears

Activation error
The following error occurred during the activation process
ERROR - 1 An error has occurred. keep in contact with

Make sure your internet connection is working properly and check that you have entered the correct product code. If you still can not activate harmony premiun, contact and indicate the error message displayed.

You are being blocked by your computer’s security settings.
You will need to contact support, the license software has likely
already been quarantined.