Activation / Deactivation

I use a desktop about 90% of the time, but sometimes need to go mobile. I don’t believe i can activate two computers (desk/lap), but can I deactivate one and activate the other, then reverse, and again, and again…if I’m willing to put up with the annoyance of this, will it work?

Kind of shocked that there are software packages across the price spectrum - FAR higher and far lower than TBA that allow you to activate more than one machine and just trust you to not be a pirate…since TB isn’t that way, I’m wondering if I can deactivate/activate…daily? weekly?

As far as I know, one has to deactivate the license first on one computer,
before installing the same license on the other computer…
This can be done as often as you like fast and easy via the internet
using the License-Wizard…


But do you know if there is a limit…either in policy or practically, to how many times you can “bounce” it back and forth between multiple systems? Could I get up in the morning, move it to the laptop…work…come home, move it back to the desktop…every day of the year?

As far as I know, as often as you like…
Or, as fast as you’re able to deactivate and activate your license…
As far as I know, this is a fully automated service…
Every hour, day, week, month… as often as you need…

Nope there is no limit.

There is nothing dodgy about this. You encouraged and told to this if you have this type of issue.

I just wish there was a solution where you didn’t have to deactivate, cause like today I was as the museum giving a talk and I was going to show but I cause the licence was on my desktop (where i used it 95% of the time).

I understand protecting the software and this is important, however I would love to see a more user friendly method implemented. Even if it is like mechanism to make a second “safe” computer so you can deactivate the licence without needing to physically be there.

There’s no limit - you can activate and deactivate as many times as you like.