Activation / Deactivation problems

I tried to install Animate Pro on my new Windows 7 system and now I’m locked out of the program.

1. I installed Animate Pro on my Windows 7 system but did not activate the license.

2. I deactivated the license on my old, Windows Vista, system.

3. I entered my license code in the new Windows 7 system. Animate Pro failed to launch.

4. I attempted to enter the license on my old Vista system (because I have work to do) and was informed that I exceeded the number of licenses.

I am now not able to use Animate Pro on either computers.

Please advise.


The program is now working on the Windows 7 system.

I uninstalled the program, removed all the remaining folders, and reinstalled the program.

Also, since the program was an upgrade, I made sure to active the Animation activation code as well as the upgrade to Animation Pro activation code. I did this step previously but it still didn’t work.

I think the original problem might have been due to an error during the installation. To guard against problems during my re-installation I reduced the level of UAC on Windows 7. In addition, I turned off my firewall, as recommended by ToonBoom’s tech support.

Hope this helps anyone else confronting this problem.

Yeah this stuff can be very helpful in the future. That is why I held off on buying Animate until I had my new PC w/ Windows 7. I did not want to go through that drama, but that is cool that you let us know.

So far I cant get Animate pro to recognize its license. The license manager states its registered and permanent. :confused: I’ll keep fooling with it I don’t have a choice. You cant buy xp machines any more Vista is an even bigger virus than winblows ME was. sigh So 7 and MS new non supported Windows 7 is the only way to go for now.

I do hope TB applies them selves to present day Hardware and OS compliance. Multi-Threading for multi Cor processors is not new. 64 bit systems are not new. You guys need to get up with the times, the old XP systems are dieing like mine did and you can not re-place them with anything worth while today.

The activation problems that you (and many other people) are having is as a result of not returning the license before upgrading. Many softwares work in this way. It’s important to deactivate the license from your computer first. You can follow the instructions on how to do so here:

If you have already performed the upgrade and you get an error such as “License limit exceeded” then you need to contact Toon Boom Support directly.

Also just to note, these kinds of problems are completely independent of what operating system you use.