Activated on the wrong computer

With TBS 5, I didn’t realize we were limited to 2 installations. I installed it on computer A, where I definitely need it, then computer B, where it’s not as important.

When I went to install on computer C, that’s when I got the activation error.

I read up on the forums and discovered the 2 computer limit.

So now I want to deactivate on computer B so I can activate on computer C.

How do I do this? I uninstalled the program on computer B, but that didn’t help.

You canuse the license wizard to release the license on computer B. You should do that prior to uninstalling. I don’t know what will happen in your case.

Thanks! Of course, uninstalling meant I lost the license wizard.

I reinstalled TBS5, used the license wizard, and “returned” the license.

I’ve successfully activated computer C now.