Activate my Toon Boom Student Software

Hello everyone,
I need help activating my Toon Boom account. This week I bought Toon Boom for a student discount the moment I bought it, I accidentally download the latest update twice and the Harmony 15 also. My friend came over we got it to work, and I accidentally deleted the one that I was using and when me and my friend start all over again every time I click “Paint” I keep getting “This Mode requires a network application. Could not find a valid database license.” like what does that mean??? Do I need a license since I am renting toon boom for a student discount or not??? If anyone reads this, please respond as soon as possible and if it’s ok if you anyone can instruct me how to get it to work?
-Nick The Drawer

Where (and why) are you clicking on “Paint”? After installation you will have a shortcut called, depending on the version and edition, Harmony 16 Premium, Harmony 15 Advanced, etc. There’s an application called Paint that is only available with the network version of Harmony, used by studios. It doesn’t work ‘offline’, that is, without connecting to a Toon Boon Harmony Server via network. When installing select “standalone” not “complete” - complete is meant for network/database version only.

If you deleted something by mistake and have a license you can always download it from your account and reinstall it again.