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I’m user of Harmony Premium, but today i don’t see my license harmony 14 and i don’t can update to Harmony 15 premium. I have my license of 14 in my account and my Upgrade number too of the harmony 15 … any ideas whats happen, or how i can activate my license.
In the license wizard i only see my storyboard license … but any harmony license …

Thanks in advance


What type of license do you have?

Your description is confusing.

You say you don’t see your H14 license but you have it in your account? That is a contradiction. You also say you have an upgrade code for H15. What are you expecting to see? It sounds like you have everything you should have.

I have only dealt with perpetual licenses.

For a perpetual license:

Return your H14 license
Copy the license key and paste it in a word processor or text editor.
Download the Harmony 15 file and install it.
Open the License Wizard located in your Toon Boom folder.
Sign into your account.
Click Activate
Click Internet Activation
Click Upgrade license
Refer to the license key pasted in your text editor and enter that in the Upgrade Code fields
Click Activate

o0Ampy0o, thanks for your response.

Yes i see in the wizard license (local) only storyboard but i have harmony 14 in my Account in toonboom ( and now i have the new upgrade but i don,t can activate toonboon harmony because don,t appears on my wizard license (local).

I have a perpetual license with a silver suscription.

I go to try and see your link.

Thanks in advance


Hey o0Ampy0o,
thanks so much for your instructions, now i see my new harmony 15 premium, i don,t can wait to work with it! :slight_smile:

Thanks so much and sorry for the basic post :slight_smile: