Acquiring Camera Freezes Computer

Whenever I try to “acquire from capture device,” such as my Canon XTi, I get the spinning beach-ball of death. I’ve let it run for over 10 mins. and nothing happens. TBS seems to capture with iSight.

Help, as I just purchased this for my boys for Christmas!



It might be that the device is not being detected properly. If there are some available, one thing you could try is to download newer drivers for the camera.

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@judge: seem here with my Canon EOS450D. The driver is up to date; I can happily import via iPhoto, ImageCapture, even iStopMotion. But the latter can’t live capture so I thought I give TBS for a swing. But #$@& NOPE.

Strange thing is: TBS can detect my camera as soon as I plug it in the mac. So why freezes the program after selecting it?

Looks like this is a feature-under-construction…


Importing from Canon cameras is currently not supported on Mac.

You can, however, import the images on the computer before and then import them into TBS.