Accidentally collapsing layers

I’ll occasionally accidentally hit something that will collapse all of my layers (Is that the right term?) so that only the Peg layers are visible.

  1. What am I accidentally hitting to cause this
  2. Is there something I can do to restore them back all at once,
    rather than individually reopening everything?

Collapse / Expand a single selected layer = command+i
Expand all = 9
Collapse all = 0 (zero)

Aaahh – that’s it. I think any time I was changing a value and accidentally hit 0 before having the correct window open, I was accidentally collapsing all my layers. Is there a guide somewhere of all the TB macros?

Menu-Edit-Preferences (Win)
Animate-Edit-Preferences (Mac)
then go to the Shortcuts tab.

Note that each window/section of the software has it’s own shortcut list
and some shortcut combinations work only in context or have a different
result in a different context. Other shortcuts are hard-coded and cannot be modified.