Accidentally closed drawing panel.. help!

I’ve been using Animate for nearly two years now… but i just accidentally closed the drawing panel and now I can’t figure out how to view the drawing AND the timeline panel at the same time - I can toggle from one to the other but that’s no good to me for working! And i can’t find an answer either online or in the forum here.
Does anyone know the solution? I’m sure it’s something very simple but it’s got me stumped.

Maybe this’ll do it for you? Windows>Restore Default Workspace.

Thank you. Now why didn’t I think of that? Probably because I’ve been looking at this damn thing for too long now. :-\

You just have to grab the tab called Drawing and drag it. I will show you what new sub-division it offers you. You can look in the user guide also page 44 to 46 Managing the views also.