accessibility of the licence wizard

hi. using a screen reader jaws for windows from and also non visual desktop access from the wizard is not very user friendly. and got my 15 day trial. doing a interactive gaming course from so, when i try to use the wizard, have to use my screen reader ocr function to read the text, then use the keyboard and then simulate mouse clicks using the keyboard. so, not able to activate, and they use non standard controls. so, wondering, is there a more accessible licence wizard or maybe even their site, needs accessibility, and when i click on try to activate via internet does not work and using firefox, windows 10 64 bit pro. any one got any ideas, how to fix this. did e-mail support, but they don’t make it easy for me, then see what’s the accessibility like, and then see if i can use the software with a screen reader. thanks for reading. tearing my hair out. thanks.