about the library

well i hae one problem still trying to figure out. when i open up the library and go to global none of my other things r there. i made one set of animation,saved it,then made another and wanted to combine them. so i made my second project and opened library to get the one i made b4 and i just can’t find it anywhere ???can someone tell me is there a special way u have to save it to make it show up in the library??? i’m sorry, i’m totally new to this toonboom v3. :-[
just loves to draw and now want to make it come to life. so yeah i’m still a new born in this animation world. any help wil be great.


Toon Boom Studio will save the content of the global library when saving a project or using the File Menu => Save global library.

You can also see the content of the library on your hard drive. Visit the preferences to know where your global library is located on your computer (by default in the Documents folder).


:(hey thanks for the tip. but it seems like it’s not working for me. this is what i’ve done. after finishing my animation i’ve tried both SAVE and SAVE AS. in my file window the SAVE GLOBAL LIBRARY option is unchoosable. is there a step i am missing?cause honestly i have no idea what is going on. if it is possible can someone please tell me step by step in how to save correctly so it will appear in my global library so i can use it in my new project.(ex:made one character in new project and combine with the other character, that was already made and saved days befor, for the same scene.)i hope this example clears out what i’m trying to do. just like the tutorial lesson 4.please help cause i can’t move forward if i can’t get this figured out.


You have to place things you want to save in the global library by dragging them their. I don’t know if you are using a mac or pc, for mac control click on the global library for pc right click on the global library create a new catalog and name it what you want then highlight in the exposure sheet the cells you want to place there hold down the button and drag them over and drop them in. then save the library. ::slight_smile:

ooooooo… :ohey thanks for the tip. it works fine now. ur explanation helped out alot. by the way i am currently running on a pc. thanks for the generousity. :wink: