about import images


I just want to know if is possible to update or replace an image that i imported to Animated Pro.

I appreciate your response.


Thanks a lot Lilly for your answer.
Your explanation was very clear. But just another thing, if i choose the first option (vectorize the image), this not will increase the size of my file if i re-import?

Thanks Lilly for your advice. I’ll do that

Whenever you import an image into your project, that image is copied into the project directory.

If you vectorize the image when you import it in, then when you want to update it, you need to re-import and vectorize it. You can do this on the same layer, and then just swap to the new image, so any existing animation on that layer can still be used.

If you import and don’t vectorize, then you can actually just replace the image directly in the project directory. Just go to the elements directory, and look for the drawing layer that your image is in, then you should find the image layer inside. If you replace it here, when you re-load your project the updated image will be in there.


Well, it would actually, because you’ll have two images in your file.

But what you can always do is, expose the first one (the one you’re going to replace) on the Timeline. Then right-click on it, and do Drawings > Delete Selected Drawing.