About deformation chains

If I create a new drawing substitution and a new deformation chain for example for a leg is there a way to place the new chain exactly to the same place as the previous chain.

I don´t know if I explained it clear enough.

Hm, you could even reuse the deformation chain of your first drawing by selecting it in the ‘Transformation Selector drop-down menu’.


Does this help?

That´s true. What if I want to change the order of the chain?

What do you mean when you say ‘change the order of the chain’?

Like in this Toonboomtips video


First deformer is attached to the hips and the second one to the feet.


you’re talking about Inversed Kinematics with deformers, aren’t you?

I had a demo about IK with deformers a couple of weeks ago and it turned out to be realy easy.
But, unfortunately, I’m not sure if I remember well how it was done and I don’t have Harmony at present to check it out.

Does selecting another chain in the ‘Transformation Selector drop-down menu’ do anything useful?

I guess so.

Well I can select the transformation for the drawing. If I animate it I can use only one chain for drawing. So if I want to use another chain I have to create a substitution.

So if I for example bend the leg and change the drawing then I have to bend the leg again to the same position as the first drawing.

I don´t know if I am clear enough

So there would be some kind of solution to this?

Especially walk cycles are frustrating to do.


if I understand well you’re looking for a ‘match IK/FK’ function like some 3D characters in Maya have.
I think that this simply doesn’t exist for instance. But, it could certainly be scripted.

Possibly that´s what I am looking for.

So it would be possible?

No, I don’t think that it is possible with Harmony as it is. (But, I can be wrong.)
I think taht it would be possible to develop a script that could do the job. But that means a lot of work.

On the other hand, as an animator, I can tell you that I never needed IK on a 2D animation walk cycle.

The thing that works pretty good is to work with an semi open rig. That means that your characters’ feet aren’t attached to the legs but only to the master peg of your rig. That way fixing them at a certain place at the frames you wantwon’t be a problem.

But indeed, I don’t know what your character looks like and if the parts of your leg need absolutely to be controlled by the same transformation chain. :slight_smile:

Pardon my ignorance, since IK is not my speciality, but when using IK instead of FK can’t you simply ‘pin’ the feet? Reversing the pivot from the hip to the feet is good if you work with FK, but with IK I always thought that pinning the feet would do the trick for walk cycles and such.

Luis Canau

Yes, perhaps it does.
If this seems to fit to your problem you could have a look in 10tacle’s ‘Inverse Kinematics issues’ post:


Perhaps he’s even dealing with exactly the same problem. :slight_smile:

I kind of guessed that I can´t explain this well. :slight_smile:

I am talking about deformation chains. When I use Substitute drawing 1 with transformation 1 and animate it and then I switch to drawing 2 and chain 2. Now I have to make this drawing 2 to match drawing 1. I was looking a quicker way to do this.

I am figuring different ways to do things. Sometimes those may be useful and sometimes maybe not so useful. :slight_smile:

OK, that’s what I initially thought you were talking about.

I admit that the usage of the terms ‘IK’ and ‘FK’ was a bit misleading as this already references to another existing feature of Harmony.

Well, as I said, the ‘match IK/FK’ function (or perhaps we should rather call it ‘match deformation chain poses’ or something like this) does not exist as far as I know. Sorry. :slight_smile:

But, what you could do is ‘bake’ your deformer animated pose to a new drawing like explained here:
and then create a new (inversed?) deformation chain on top of the ‘baked’ drawing.

I am still interested about that feature in Harmony though you mentioned. In case of I have missed something.

Probably using that “baking” method is the best one for me at the moment. Thanks!

Ok, glad that this can help you.

Apart from this, the semi-open rig trick that I mentionned earlier (feet are not linked to the legs) is a valid an well approved method for cut 2D animation walk cycles. This method allows you to keep control over the postion of the feet at every moment and spares you any struggle with IKs and deformation chains.