Ability to save changes to default settings for ALL tools

In scanning this Forum and with just the short time I’ve been using Harmony with any real intense dedication it quickly becomes apparent the desire to be able to save the default tool settings for all of the tools, not just brush settings would be highly desirable. Tools like the select, cutter, etc all have parameters that I’m sure not everyone likes the default settings. Everybody’s workflow is just a little different. Having the ability to save tool set defaults would be a great help. Other tools I use such as Maya have this ability on every command. You can save a command setting as a preset and load it. Scripting that such that all of your custom presets can be loaded on entry of the tool is fairly trivial. Every toolset too has the ability to “Reset tool” so you can always get back to the factory setting should you so desire.

I would add that in Maya, it simply remembers the settings a specific tool was set to when the application was last closed. For myself, on my own machine, I set select settings and some others the way I use Maya and simply make sure I quit with everything set the way I like it. Next time I open Maya up everything is good to go. On the workstations in the lab where I teach it is a bit more problematic because these settings are stored as a universal preference of the application not the user or data file that was created so when a new user logs into the computer and starts Maya they do need to check the settings of a tool before they use it because a previous user may have changed those settings. This is where the “Reset Tool” command comes in handy as any user can easily get a tool back to factory settings with one simple click.

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That would be very useful, I can’t believe I have to turn off the animation button every time I start Harmony.

I second this feature request