Ability to label group input ports

It would be great if we could add a label the input ports for a group node in the node editor. That way when people use those groups, they don’t have to navigate into a group in order to figure out what they’re supposed to connect - they can just click on the port to get an idea.

Maybe I don’t understand your question well, but when you mouse-over any input or output port, coming in or out of a group, Harmony identifies the connections.

Yes, it tells you if it’s a drawing or transformation - but imagine you have created a template that uses 5 different incoming pegs. If you could have a label that specified what those ports are used for, it would be easier for artists to use the template.

I just wanted to add that it would at least be useful to maybe cycle between the node type and the node tool tip when clicking on the socket? if not maybe a way of annoying a socket that could be shown outside of a node group?

e.g. if inside a group the transformation socket hooks up to ‘LeftLeg’ then it would be cool to show that its the LeftLeg Transformation.