Ability to Import Photoshop CC Brushes


  It would be wonderful if we could import Photoshop CC brushes (abr files) into Harmony 16.


Yes, or at least to some extent. In any case, it would be nice if Harmony brushes would go beyond the limitation of being variables applied to a ‘stamp’, having brush with different behaviour like the ones find in some illustration software. TVPaint has, for instance, an interesting watercolour brush in which each pass of the brush adds to the previous ones keeping that border that makes it more realistic as watercolour in the whole painted area, instead of just painting one pass of the brush over the other as in Harmony.

Indeed, Harmony 16 lacks such a variety of brushes as in Photoshop. It’s strange why the developers haven’t added this yet. It seems to me that it is absolutely not difficult. For a while, I worked in photoshop and did retouches for https://photorelive.com/services/wedding-photo-retouching therefore, I well remember these convenient brushes that were there. Sometimes they helped a lot to give the right texture. This would be very useful for my project in Harmony 16, but unfortunately, I can’t work with every frame from there in Photoshop. I can, of course, but my deadlines do not stretch for decades, hahaha.