ABC song


I wanted to share this with the community here. I’ve been ramping up on TB Animate for the past several months, and I finally felt comfortable enough to employ it on a job. I’ve been doing these shorts for Sockeye for about a year now (myself, a designer, and an editor), and they have all been done in Flash up to this one. The project was smaller in scale than previous ones, and only featured one character that I was able to re-deign. So I felt it was time to finally give it a road test.

This was done in around two weeks, and comping was done in After Effects. All character anim was done in TB Animate. It has some rough edges to it, but I’m pretty happy over all how it came out. It was a great learning experience and I’m hoping to do more with TB.

Very professional work, Frank! I loved it! How did you find working in Animate as opposed to Flash? How did you do the compositing in AE? I use Sony Vegas for compositing but have heard of others that use AE. Every time I try previewing it goes so s…l…o…w.

Thanks for the comments! I’ve been working in AE for years so I’m very comfortable in that. A designer I’ve been working with for a while now does the BGs in Photoshop. Its all about RAM previews in AE. Hit the zero key in your numberpad…and lots of RAM helps too hah.

I’m still coming to grips at times with the UI in Animate, however I’m getting more and more comfortable with it. I’m back in Flash on a job now and there are certainly things that I miss from TB. There are also certain things I think Flash does well (onion skin for one). I’m hoping that I can get back into Animate at some point in the future soon.

Very good.