abandonment of a peg?

Hi. Is it possible to suddenly abandon a peg?
I have a scene where the object suddenly disconnects from a large group of other objects and stands completely still in the middle of the screen. Is there some effect which defines a intensity of belongingness to a peg and which can be animated?

I don’t think that option exists. In a case that you want to have an object/character affected by a peg and then “dropped” at a certain point, I think the most practical would be to have it on an independent layer not connected to the peg after a certain frame.

Luis Canau

Hi slawek.

There is no way to disconnect a peg at a particular time. The best way to achieve this is to create a duplicate of your object. The duplicate will be disconnected from the parent while the original will still be connected. When you need it to detach, remove the exposure of the object at the desired frame. For the detached object, you will do the opposite and keep the exposure of the object while the other isn’t showing.

Hope this helps!