A way to fix the tip of the lines in essentials

In essentials there is no way to fix a line when this one ends up square by any reason, for example if you erase part of a line you can’t make the tip round again.

After a lot of thinking I found a work around with he help of another user in this thread:

Here is an example:

As I said is imposible to fix that line, and if you are working on a big drawing it could screw up some sensible parts.

Changing the line tips of pencil lines is a feature available
in Harmony Advanced and Premium but not in Advanced.

-not in essentials- indeed.

But as I said and how I show it in the links that I provide, you can find you in a situation were you just need to “reset” the tip of the line and you can not do that which cal leave you with lines with “cuts” in the middle.

If you need the feature to change line tips, you need to get Advanced or Premium.

I don’t think you get what I’m saying, I don’t need to change the tip I need to fix it when is broken, that happens some times when you are drawing.

You could move the two line parts closer to each other and then flatten them.
Or you could zoom-in and add a connecting line, or you could “close gap” (alt+c)
if you need a closed region. If the line is wide or has ends dangling off you could
erase those parts.