A way to convert files?

After exporting an animation in Toon Boom Pro 2 PLE version, obvs the files save to .ple
Now I have the normal version Pro 2, I want to continue work on my animation, and be able to export it without the watermark- but I cannot copy files or change the PLE file to .tbup, is there a way I can convert the file so its suitable for Pro 2??

Nope, it says it very clearly that PLE files can’t be opened in the actual version.


The only editing program I have is Windows Movie Maker. Now, I use Toonboom Harmony Essentials. I finished my animation and tried to upload it to Movie Maker and it said that the file I was trying to convert was not compatible. I don’t know how to convert my file so it’s compatible with Movie Maker. Do I need to pay money for a software that converts files? The Online Converter can’t seem to convert my file, it was my last hope since it was recommended and free. Other people have no problem with this and I think it’s just a matter of knowing what to do. Please help me!