A very (too?) simple question...

I am very much a newbie with the software - trying it out now. I am a bit embaressed about my question…
My main goal has now been to make a wheel rotate… See - not very advanced task to do - but I cannot get it to work! The wheel spinns around the little blur circle outside the wheel…
I have moved the circle into the wheel centre, and it is there, but the little circle´s ghost brother is still outyside the wheel, making it spin around him instead… There must be another solution… ???

Thanks a lot! The wheels are rolling!

When you are using the Transform tool and you move this drawing pivot, it’s only a temporary pivot. What you want to do in fact is select the Pivot tool, then use this tool to move your pivot to the centre of the wheel. Now, if you use the transform tool, it will rotate around this pivot instead.