a swf import question

I have imported a swf file. All the layers are there no problem. But when I move an object on layer A the same looking object on layer B also moves. If I draw a new object in layer A it also appears in layer B. Is there a little ghost in my mac or did I do something wrong?

Yes, these are separate layers from my SWF file.

Another thing, ALL my drawings are in the ‘drawing substitution’ while there is no layer with 2 frames or more.

I’ve tried to ungroup everything in flash and export it ones again. No different result.

From your description it sounds to me like A is a clone of B. Is this possible? Are these two separate layers from your SWF file?

If you were to clone a layer, for example just select a layer, right-click, and Clone Layer, then any changes that you make to the drawings on one layer will also show up in your cloned layer.


So do you in your SWF file have copies of the drawings on each layer? Or are they separate drawings in each layer?

It might be worthwhile to email support@toonboom.com with your swf file so they can take a look at it to debug.