A Suggestions Forum?

I think it is pretty evident that there is yet to be the perfect storyboarding program designed, and this doesn’t quite meet the bill. However, if it is possible that Toon Boom will make changes to help improve the functionality, how about a suggestions forum? There are options available on mirage and photoshop that aren’t available on Storyboard Pro. And likewise there are options on Storyboard Pro that aren’t available on mirage and photoshop. It has the potential to be top of the line, but in my eyes it is slightly missing the boat…at least in the area of drawing. If this program is going to survive it will need to meet all artists’ expectations, and therefore I think it would be beneficial for the makers to read our suggestions.

I’ll second that. I got the trial version and was very enthusiastic about it and ready to buy a couple copies. But my lead storyboard artist tried it and vetoed it. He insists on digital drawing tools that mimic pencils, not ink or vector lines. So he sticks with using Alias Sketchbook Pro and won’t touch Storyboard Pro. I sort of see his point. Storyboard artists like to sketch, not to paint or ink, so I hope Toon Boom will attempt to suit this need.

Feel free to start discussion about what you would like to see coming in the next version in this forum.

The product management and development team are reading the forums often.