A strage problem with wacom pen. Solved

I am currently using the trial version of harmony essentials and it worked fine for 6 or so days but today when i tried after i put some foam on my wacom pen( for some wrist and hand problems i have) and disabled the pen buttons, When in harmony essentials now seems like it is constantly holding down left click so it draws even when i hover my pen over the tablet(but it works fine in every other program i tried). I have spent 4-6 hours trying to fix this i have tried reinstalling wacom drivers and harmony essentials, as well resetting my wacom did a system restore and updated my graphics card drivers. To no avail so i downloaded the trial to harmony advanced which has the same problem but only with the vector pencil tool and the shared vector brushes between essentials and advanced( advanced only vector brushes and all of the raster brushes do not exhibit the problem).

Windows 8.1 pc

Wacom intuos pro

IF i can not find a way to fix this probable i will have to find anther software to use.

Silly question, but are you certain you don’t have a profile set up ub tge driver specifically for Harmony that has the pen buttons active? That’s the only thing I can think of.

so that was kind of the problem it appears to be harmony dose not recognize disabled pen command so even if it is turned off in the wacom settings it still recognizes the button. so I am just going to rewrap my pen with a button hole cut out.