A SOLUTION to FIX WACOM Pressure Sensitivity Problem

Recently I tried TB Storyboard on my laptop (XP Pro SP3) and I found out that I had no pressure sensitivity with my Intuos3 Wacom. Needless to say that I tried ALL and EVERY posted solution with absolutely NO results.A few days ago I installed the same program on another laptop I have and SURPRISE…pressure sensitivity with the same Intuos3 but on different laptop. This made me search what was wrong with one laptop and not with the other. To make it short, after a lot of installs uninstalls and finally format of my first laptop’s HD I found out the problem. MSOffice 2007 MSOffice 2007 (but probably other versions as well as other software e.g. Adobe) install, without giving you the choice not to, wisptis.exe to support Tablet PC Platform.This file is installed into C:\Windows\system32\wisptis.exe"wisptis.exe is a pen input device tool for the Microsoft Tablet PC Platform. “WISPTIS” stands for “Windows Ink Services Platform Tablet Input Subsystem”. wisptis.exe is installed on your system when installing Microsoft Office 2003, an Adobe product, or Journal Viewer via Windows Update."So after the installation of one of the above software, WISPTIS takes over the control of your Wacom tablet (even if you have the latest Wacom drivers installed and you erase the preferences etc) disabling Pressure sensitivity AND Eraser function.The SOLUTION to this is to disable "wisptis.exe so it stops interfering with Wacom’s drivers. There are many ways to do this.I would not suggest the Registry solution. A simple one is to rename wisptis.exe to wisptis.old or something like that, and then create an empty text file which you will rename to wisptis.exe. This is the simplest way but with the risk of wisptis.exe being reinstalled with some future update. You can use this solution if you do not intend to update any of the programs that use wisptis.exe.There is a permanent solution but you need to be more familiar with OS… C:\windows\system32 → right-click on WISPTIS.EXE → Properties → Security tab → highlight “Everyone” (add Everyone if not in the list) → check the Full control = Deny checkbox → click OKIf you can not see the Security Tab :Open any folder (or My Computer), then select Tools, Folder OptionsOn the View tab, under Advanced settings, un-check "Use simple file sharing "You can find a lot on ways to disable wisptis.exe in :http://www.boredguru.com/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?mode=viewtopic&topic_id=193&forum=24&start=20&viewmode=flat&order=0Hope this will help some desperate TBStoryboard\Wacom users like me.Good Luck,@lex

Thank you so much for your feedback. I haven’t heard of this one before and I’m sure it will be helpful to some people! Is your computer actually a Tablet PC? Or is it a regular laptop? Just to satisfy my curiosity… I was wondering whether they install this .exe automatically for all PCs or just for Tablet PCs.~LillyToon Boom Support

Hi Lilly, the laptop that had the pressure sensitivity problem (and was fixed as I describe in my post) is NOT a Tablet PC. It is a Fujitsu Amilo M3438G with 2Gb Ram, WinXP Pro-SP3, two HDD 500Gb and 160Gb, and Nvidia 8600M GT 512Mb. I have two Wacom Intuos3 tablets, an A4 and an A5. I tried both with latest Wacom drivers and they both had no pressure sensitivity or eraser function before the fix. Now they both work perfectly.From what I read in several sites, Microsoft Office (but other software as well) install these drivers to ALL PCs without giving you the choice to install them or not. I assume that the software does not recognize whether you are installing on a Tablet PC or on any other PC, desktop, laptop etc.I hope other people that have installed software that uses wisptis.exe into their computers and have Wacom problems, will find this fix useful.@lex

Wow that’s very interesting! Thank you so much for sharing, Alex.~Lilly

Hi,We have noticed some issues with the latest tablet drivers provided by Wacom and are currently investigating on our side. This being said another possible fix would be to install older drivers and see if you get better results with them.Best regards,Ugo

Hi,I would like to add that I have installed every available driver (even drivers that are not anymore available by Wacom), which I have kept in the years that I own my Intuos3 Wacom Tablets. Each time I cleaned the system, the registry and deleted the Wacom preference files, before installing the next driver. Pressure sensitivity and eraser never functioned with any of the drivers. The Wacom drivers I have installed\uninstalled were: v.485.6, v.493.3, v.496.8, v.600.5b, v.602.1, v.604.4, v.605.7, v.608.4a, v.610.6, v.611.3, v.612.5, v.613.5, v.614.3 and v.615.3a. I am currently using v.615.3a Wacom drivers with wisptis.exe disabled and everything still works fine.Regards,@lex

I have a xp-pen star g430 drawing tablet without screen , Windows Ink and XP-Pen drivers play nice together .