A script listener / Actions recorder

Hello there, i have been using Harmony Standalone for some months now and i have to say its a fantastic program.Recently i have been finding myself doing a lot of repetitive actions such as drawing selections, flattening these and reducing their texture resolution.
Seeing that traditional animation requires messing with alot of drawings
I’d say the ability to either have a script or command listener window, that records in script form actions that you do would normally do, or an “actions” type module, like Photoshop or Illustration. i’d say this would be a welcome feature.

just a thought.

thank you!

That is what the scripting language is for :slight_smile: But there are limits to what it can do.

You are right, but i assume a lot of users don’t even know where to start when it comes to the scripting language in ToonBoom, and i have looked through the scripting guide. Seems that the learning curve is too steep. And i couldn’t find any commands that resembled or allude to what i was looking for.

It’s not an imperative feature. but well, it was worth suggesting. :slight_smile:

have a look at my youtube channel, there is a tutorial on the basics of scripting (maybe 2 i can’t remember).

I also hope to script setting up a steroscopic camera in pro tutorial (i already wrote the script and think it would be nice to share).