A script for thumbnail drawing layer view?

Hey guys has anyone managed to find any script that lets you view everything in a drawing layer instead as a list of thumbnails? It was a great feature that I used in flash via a plugin called keyframe caddy (figure i’d ask since the outline view that flash had was added in 14 which is an amazing addition, i really missed it). It really would make lyp synching and drawing selection a lot faster (especially if you have a lot of frames in a drawing layer). Right now for any mouth i have to use the [ ] keys to cycle to the mouths I want, but in flash i could just see/click the mouth I want.

Hi Vrexus,

Have you explored the possibilities with the Harmony Premium Pose Copier script?



Yep I use it for head turns and whatnot, but again it’s much like the drawing layer with a slider so it doesn’t really help in that regard (albeit it’s lovely for being able to rotate full templates).

However for something like a mouth, if you have 30 or more mouth symbols you still have to slide on it whereas a thumbnail view would be far faster/easier since you have a visual representation in one go.

Indeed. What you say makes sense.

I will pass this on to our RND team.

Thank you!!