A question regarding laptop/desktop

I travel very frequently to work with clients and frequently have to work from my laptop, but when home I much prefer using my desktop system with my huge monitor and large wacom tablet.

Is it legal to install TBS to both my desktop and laptop provided that I only ever use one copy at a time? I know my Adobe Photoshop license permits me to use Photoshop in that way (two concurrent installs but only operate one installation at a time) which allows for home and travel use without interruption.

Does TBS allow this, and if not could it PLEASE be implemented in some way? It would be a tremendous benefit for those of us who have to make frequent trips to work with clients and also at home.


Hi Mark,

According to the license agreement the software can only be used by on user. Therefore if the software is not used concurrently you can install it on both your laptop and your desktop.

For more information about this you can contact info@toonboom.com.

Best regards,