A question about lip syncing

Hey everyone!

I just did my first lip sync lest, and I had a few questions:

I want to make front and side view heads of all my characters that I can resize and reuse in different shots. If I do mouth cycles for each head and each view, can I make the mouth cells children and the head as the parent? Would I be able to resize them all together? I guess I’m asking, can the head and mouth cells be symbols?

How do I keep the mouths from jumping all over the place? Pegs?

If I can do this, I can save them in the library and have them to use whenever I want, right? ???

Well, I guess, it all depends how you would like to use your heads later…
Either you create independent heads with all the necessary eye and mouth-shapes…
contain all elements in one “master-element or -peg” (everything can be moved and scaled together)
and save those heads into the Global-Library for later use in any project…,
or create all your “head-turns”, (front, side or even more views) in one head-element,
and all your mouth-shapes in one mouth-element… and use the cell-panel for swapping…
or rather save just heads, hairs, caps, eyes, eyebrows, noses, mouth’s etc. independently
and build your characters with even more flexibility…

If you like, here is a video-demonstration:
Three head-, cap- and eyebrow-shapes, a few more eye-shapes for the different heads,
and the associated mouth-shapes (a,b,c,d,e,f,g,x) for every head-turn.
(there is no sound, it’s all fairly simple and self-explanatory)

The same principle would apply for the body-turn (drawing the necessary positions),
the more positions are available the smoother the transitions.

Here is the final result:

For resizing or moving all mouth-shapes together use the Select-Tool (6)…
For resizing or moving single mouth-shapes… use the Select-Tool (1)…
Here is a very simple video-demonstration:

Check out JK’s excellent tutorials:



Thanks Nolan. After reviewing all of those links I think I have a better grasp of it.