A question about framerates and output format

Trying to decide on some procedure issues before I actually begin my animation project. Sure, 12 FPS is good for internet viewing, but what if I also want to put my animation on DVD to play over a television? Will the animation be choppy? What can I expect?

You’re right, choose your resolution and frame-rate before you start your project…
Are you working in NTSC or PAL…?

Use one of the common DV formats / or if you like HD, choose 1080i.

Format Rectangular Size Square Size
DV NTSC…720x480…720x540
DV PAL…720x576…768x576
HDV 720p…NA…1280x720
HDV 1080i…NA…1920x1080

Personally, I would recommend creating all new projects in HDTV 1920 x 1080…
(leaving plenty of room for exporting later to any smaller size if necessary)

Stay with your chosen format through your whole project… either export as QuickTime,
e.g. Animation or AIC (Apple Intermediate Codec)…(stay uncompressed as possible)…
or export as image-sequence (PNG, TIFF or PSD) / open these image-sequence in QuickTime “Pro” /
and import those files into your video editor…

After editing, import those files directly into (e.g. iDVD / Toast , or else…)
they will take care of the appropriate compression.


sfzapgun Thank you for bringing this up. It is something that troubles me, since the format changeover. Thank you very much Nolan for clearing that up.

As for framerates, I used to be very good with timing when I animated at 12fps. Didn’t have to do much calculation. Now, thinking about the dvd thing that you mentioned, I animate at 30fps (although technically, it should be at 29.97fps to work with NTSC) so I tend to overspeed things.

I think you’d both enjoy this youtube video on the subject of Aspect Ratio
Although, there’s something I don’t like about it, but I won’t spoil it for you.