A question about deformation puppet rigging

Hello there, I have a question about deformation puppet rigging. Let’s say that you are creating several deformation with offset points for a character’s face. The neck is attached to the face, so you decide to create a bone deformer for the whole head while keeping all the bits and pieces of smaller deformers around the eyes, mouth, etc. But, when you move the bone deformer of the neck with the transform tool, you distort the whole entire face because the smaller deformers don’t move along with the bone deformer of the neck. Is there any trick to getting around this problem, or do I have to create a new layer (is that the only way)?

I forgot to mention that I know about the kinematicOutput attachment. I attach the all the smaller parts I want to control by using the output of KinematicOutput node to connect all except the bone deformation offset which I want as the “master”. I connect the bone deformation offset of the neck to the input of the KinematicOutput node, which does move all the smaller deformation offset points, alone with their curves and bones, but they still distort the whole figure whenever I do. I am wondering what I’m doing wrong, or if there is anything that can be done.

This might help:


Still I think the best you can do is to create a layer for every face element, one for the right eye, another one for the left one, and so on…