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In a mixed rig, I cannot have a paste special of the pivot, from the drawing to element, can you tell me more.
Cordialy, Yann.

Bonjour Lilly,

I’ve made the paste special of my pivot from the Drawing layer to the Drawing Element (colored cross mark reference, with Apply embedded on drawing Layer selection), in a mixedrigg.
I can set the pivot manually, but the paste special don’t work anymore …

I’m also looking for a software development company in an alternate training in France (JAVA JEE 18 month education), I’ve heard about Pegs’n co, do you have contacts or references in France ?

Cordially, Yann.


Is there a matter with the master peg pivot configuration, or group ?

Cordially, Yann.

Are you trying to paste a pivot from a drawing layer to a peg layer? Peg layers don’t have the same concept of pivots, so you won’t be able to copy a pivot from a drawing to a peg.


Sorry I didn’t get back to you earlier. If you ever have urgent needs, please feel free to email support@toonboom.com On a aussi également le support en français.

If you are copying the pivot from one drawing to another drawing, then you can either copy and paste with the Paste Special, Update Drawing Pivot. Or, you can simply use the Pivot Tool. Make sure the focus is around the camera view, then you can copy with Ctrl+C, then select the drawing you want to paste the pivot to, and Ctrl+V

There should be no issue with these approaches, so if you’re not able to get something to work, feel free to contact support.

In France, we have a few training institutions like Rhinoceros in Paris that conduct or facilitate periodic training sessions. For more information, I think you should contact us to find out more.

support@toonboom.com for the pivot question, sales@toonboom.com to find out about training in France.