A Matter of Artistic Differences

Season’s Greetings from all of us at TallGrassRadio Studios. My studio partner Marty, has once again demonstrated his demented sense of humor and produced a brief cartoon about “A Matter of Artistic Differences”. We hope you enjoy this behind the scenes look at cartoon making.

For those who are curious, the entire production was made in V3.5 of Toon Boom Studio, with only the pre-loader and the play and replay buttons added post production in Flash. If time permits during the holiday break I’ll try to do a behind the scenes tutorial on our web site explaining how this cartoon was produced. -JK

A Matter of Artistic Differences

wow i enjoyed it ,
i think most of its animation is done by traditional ways except the walkcycle is done by cutout animation tecnique , am i right JK?

The character animation is in fact pretty traditional and intentionally sketchy and thumbnail style. There are no cut outs used although some of the arm movements or antenna movements are done through a form of limited animation where some parts of the character are held while other parts are animated. I hope to make some TBS screen shots and write a brief tutorial explaining how this production was done. The way the camera is used and how the shots are constructed are pretty interesting and I know that many people will benefit from reading about these techniques.

It is based on a comical look at the cartoon making process where the character as an actor gets upset with the cartoonist director and demands better treatment. It is also a parody of a series cartoon we have been making where the actual bug characters are in the mountains at a ski resort learning to ski jump. We always talk about how our cartoon characters seem like real people to us, so it was only natural to show one as a temperamental actor. -JK

Neat 'toon!

(now we know what JK stands for) :slight_smile:

As promised, I have created a small Christmas present for all TBS Forum readers. I’ve created a TBS FAQ Behind The Scenes Tips article about the making of “A Matter of Artistic Differences”. It isn’t exactly a step by step tutorial but it should point you in some interesting directions. Happy Holidays to All -JK

PS: I know this article will generate some great questions , so post them here in this thread and we will try to answer them.