A list of basic feature requests

Basic feature requests

  • Change object colour by using the eye dropper

  • copy and paste effects from one layer to another

  • Allow the timeline to follow the playhead, to always keep it in view

  • ability to change the move/left right key nudge increments size

  • accuracy setting for when converting brush strokes to pencil lines

  • keyboard shortcut ability for play forward

  • ability to undo in the colour pallet

  • allow text style to be edited by simply selecting the text object, i.e. bold, italic and font type

  • simple way to select a vector object and add a stroke

*an object properties pallet that allows the stroke and colour to be changed

*allow symbols to be used within layers that don’t have symbols

After using graphics software for many years these all seem very basic and without them, Toonboom is not too user friendly, to overcome many of them requires a lengthy process, there is other animation software that are as capable and also have all the above, Thanks, Sam